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Witchsorrow / The Moth / King Witch - Bannermans Bar


Pisschrist Promotions presents

Witchsorrow (Farnborough, UK)

Smouldering away in the dark corners of metal since Black Sabbath birthed it with that immortal tritone, doom has lurked in the shadows for decades, waiting for the earth’s lost souls to find their solace in it. Following in the footsteps of Sabbath, Saint Vitus, Candlemass, Trouble, Cathedral, Reverend Bizarre and countless other greats who have carried the torch for this genre are Hampshire doom disciples Witchsorrow – a triumvirate for whom this music is a calling, an obsession.

THE MOTH (Hamburg, Germany)

THE MOTH are a girl and two guys hailing from Hamburg, Germany. Cécile, who plays a 3-stringed bass, and guitarist Freden sing head to head – which gives there massive sludge songs a unique Jekyll & Hyde-like aural aesthetic that’s as brutal as it it bewitching. Their debut album „They Fall“ was released on THIS CHARMING MAN RECORDS in September 2013. In the year following the release they already performed at Desertfest Berlin and went on a European tour with UK doom-kings CONAN.
Their sophomore album "AND THEN RISE" was released in April 2015 on THIS CHARMING MAN RECORDS as well. The band has since been invited to festivals from Oslo to Vienna (i.e. Desertfest Berlin, Stoned from the Underground Festival, Erfurt / Stateless Fest Berlin / Svart October Fest Oslo / Desert Sun Festival Vienna, Desertfest London), has toured the UK, Europe and Germany and been reviewed in magazines and blogs around the world.
From slow burning doom to speed thrash-riffs: A well-tempered mix of High on Fire, Crowbar and Kylesa – their sound is virtually void of frills, instead opting to turn out hammer heavy drums and riff ready songs. In no time THE MOTH have established themselves in the underground doom-metal-sludge community.

King Witch (Edinburgh)

Formed in early 2015 in a cavern beneath the streets of old Edinburgh, a lead-heavy brew of old school Metal and the meatiest of 70’s classic rock emerges in the form of King Witch.

Drawing comparisons ranging from Black Sabbath and Candlemass to Mastodon and High On Fire, the band’s first song Lucid attracted instant attention and the band’s reputation has quickly grown.

Bannermans Bar