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Ortega / Bismuth / Of Spire & Throne - Banshee Labyrinth


Pisschrist Promotions presents

Ortega (Groningen, NL)

Since 2007, Ortega have been exploring the murky depths of humanity's longing for the horizon. Perilous courses which drag carcasses ashore, sojourns that tell of the bells that chime on the sands below, collisions of doom, sludge and noise that tell tales of abyssal mankind.

Bismuth (Nottingham)

Slower than a Monday shift, heavier than time. Drone two piece Bismuth make Burning Witch look garish and showy. True muscial hellscapes.

Of Spire & Throne (Edinburgh)

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, Of Spire & Throne have been playing their own form of doomy, sludgy heaviness since 2009.

Tickets and times available soon